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Eric Jackson to be inducted into the Mass Broadcasters Hall of Fame

Another Great JazzNOW Concert Knocks It Out of the Park!

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Interview with Mehmet Sanlikol by Marla Kleman

Another Great JazzNOW Concert Knocks It Out of the Park!

The second JazzNOW concert, “Awakening, with Dream Alliance,” featured Kenny Werner, Marco Pignataro, Nadia Washington, & Devon Gates on Friday 6/25 in a stunning evening of music and spoken word, conceived and directed by Marco Pignataro.  The extraordinary free concert, co-presented by JazzBoston and GBH Music, streamed live to a worldwide audience from GBH’s beautiful Fraser Performance Studio.  Hosted by Eric Jackson, the concert was supported by the Mass Cultural Council & BioMed Realty.  If you missed it, you can (and absolutely should!!) watch the entire concert at an eye out for the next JazzNOW concert, tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 24th.

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There is now a quick and easy way to buy official JazzBoston hats & t-shirts, and to support JazzBoston at the same time!!  Thanks to volunteer Nate Aranow and JazzBoston Advisory Council Chair Cj Kelley, we now have an official online store hosted by the fine folks at Bonfire.  Browse and shop at!

The JazzBoston membership program was previously terminated due to insufficient ability to maintain it. However, since the organization has entered into a new phase, the JazzBoston membership program is now officially reinstated!

 In an effort to encourage everyone to participate and eliminate any financial barriers, there is no charge to become a JazzBoston member. Whether you are already a subscriber or were a past member, if you’d like to continue your support of, and advocacy for, the Boston area jazz community, we strongly encourage you to sign up for free JazzBoston membership.

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Boston Jazz History Blog:

The Rum-Saturated Silver Dollar Bar

Boston jazz historian Richard Vacca’s Boston Jazz Chronicles is an amazing and valuable resource.  We encourage jazz musicians and fans to check it out.

In addition, Vacca maintains a beautifully researched blog with regular features about noted people & places that helped shape the Boston-area jazz scene.  The current entry is about the long history of  the Silver Dollar Bar, in Boston’s Combat Zone.  Read about it here.