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The Future of Local Jazz Radio

In the increasingly crowded field of streaming music apps, there’s still nothing like JazzBird®. JazzBoston’s free global radio app lets you listen live, anytime and anywhere, to great jazz shows hosted by humans at stations all over the world. Think of JazzBird as an international radio station that runs 24 hours a day with hundreds of shows covering jazz of all styles. Or think of it as the future of local jazz radio, where all the best jazz shows around the globe become local and the best local jazz shows are heard worldwide.
Tell us about your favorite local jazz show wherever you are, and we’ll check it out for JazzBird. With our app, the smallest of stations can gain a worldwide audience if it has a good show and a good stream.
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Why JazzBird?

We believe radio remains the single most important portal to the music and that someone who knows and feels the music is the best guide. We also believe that local jazz radio provides essential support to the local jazz scene, wherever that may be. JazzBird is the Boston jazz community’s 21st century response to the move by public radio stations in our city and nationwide to replace their jazz programming with news and talk.
With its potential to connect the world’s jazz community, we see JazzBird as a natural extension of JazzBoston’s mission to connect and promote the entire Greater Boston jazz scene and champion the music, the musicians and Boston’s place in the constellation of the world’s great jazz cities.

JazzBird Privacy Policy: JazzBird does not collect/store any personal data. Device usage is limited only to playing audio from the internet sources you select.


What Users Are Saying

I grew up in boston listening to eric. was really pleased to discover jazzbird so I could listen from away. Thanks for creating a great app.
- Stephen
It’s great. Many greetings from Germany.
- Sascha
What an app. I love it. Helps me find the best jazz stations and my old
favorites, too.
5*****. Great!
– Angeles
Beautiful, wonderful, I like very much, best regards from mexico city.
– Alberto
That was the best CS response I’ve experienced in the Internet age. And purchasing JazzBird is some of the best money I’ve spent. Thanks for accommodating jazz lovers.
– Edward
It’s a great thing for a jazz lover.
– Panya
J’adore votre app. Beau travail et surtout excellente transmission et évidemment de l’excellente musique. Du très beau JAZZ. Merci beaucoup.
– Pierre
I loved every station! They all played extremely well even over my cellular carrier.
– Carolyn
I live in Israel and am very grateful for your app. Love the shows!!!!
– Michaela
Muinto feliz em ouvir o melho som do mundo através de vocês !
– Ricardo
I really enjoy …Thank you
– Vink
You made my day!!
- Gil
Just love the App. Wish had knew about it before. Keep up the good work.
– Gérald
Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis und mit freundlichen Grüssen
– Marco
Wondeeful, outstanding really!!
– Nacho
Great music and listening in UK!!
– Paul
Great app for jazz worldwide, fantastic!!
– Theo
This app rocks
– Isis
This a great app for jazz lovers! Enjoy wonderful music everyday!
Thank you!!!!
– Jim
My favorite Jazz app – Love it!
– Tom

Greater Boston shows, marked with a “B” icon and yellow highlight, are at the top of the list for each time slot.

New Global Alliance

JazzBird®, the only music radio app that lets you listen live 24/7 to great jazz shows from stations around the globe, has joined forces with Made in New York Jazz, the first and fastest growing international online jazz competition, to connect the world’s jazz community and create global audiences for local musicians.
Founded in 2013 and now in its fourth year, the Made in New York Jazz Competition is conducted entirely by video and is open to participants worldwide. Submissions are accepted from February 1 through October 28 each year and are posted online for maximum exposure. Finalists are selected by a combination of committee and popular votes, then reviewed by a panel of three celebrity judges. The winners, who are announced on January 31, receive cash awards and prizes provided by the contest’s sponsors and are invited to perform with legendary jazz masters at the organization’s annual gala event in Tribeca in May.
With over 2 million video loads, Made In New York has more than 30,000 registered jazz musicians and fans. Musicians from 55 countries participated in the 2016 jazz competition. Prizes awaiting the winner and two runners-up include cash awards, jewelry, airline tickets, and virtual instruments.
Find out more about the Made in New York Jazz Competition and this year’s judges and winners here.