Our Mission, Our Vision

JazzBoston is the umbrella and advocacy organization for Greater Boston’s diverse jazz community. We are dedicated to connecting and promoting the region’s entire jazz scene and championing the music, the musicians, and Boston’s place in the constellation of the world’s great jazz cities.

Working through partnerships and collaborations, we bring jazz in all its forms to audiences of all ages, taking special care to nurture the audiences of the future. We use the music to help bridge cultural, racial, ethnic, and generational divides, introduce young people to the power of self- expression, and revitalize Boston’s historic neighborhoods.

In the 10 years since we were founded, we’ve built an extensive network that reaches into the broader arts community and a track record for getting things done, but we have much more to do.

Our vision for Boston:

  • Every neighborhood has affordable venues for live jazz.
  • Every public school student has access to a musical instrument and is encouraged to learn how to improvise.
  • A lively, late-night jazz scene attracts young professionals, innovative enterprises, and cultural tourists.
  • Jazz music makes a significant contribution to the arts and entertainment economy, and hometown jazz musicians have ample opportunities to earn a living wage.
  • Government and business leaders appreciate Boston’s rich jazz heritage and recognize the importance of carrying it forward.

Our mission and our vision are first and foremost about the music and the musicians – past, present, and future. They are also about more than the music. Jazz has been embraced all over the world as a symbol of freedom, an international language, and a discipline that teaches focus, tolerance, teamwork, and respect – a force for good. We strive to put the power of jazz to work for a better Boston for all its citizens.

Jazz community (JazzBoston definition): musicians and others who work in the art, education, or business of jazz + fans of all ages