Our Partners


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Museum of African American History

Our relationship with the Museum of African American History began as a marketing and producing partnership for the Museum’s jazz programming, then evolved into a shared vision for a Boston Jazz Heritage Trail™ that would be a living history connecting Boston’s jazz past to its present and future. We co-presented our first concert, “MAAH Music Celebrates Black Boston,” on the kickoff weekend of Jazz Week 2015, which was focused on Roxbury. More recently, we presented “A Musical Tribute to Boston Jazz Giants,” honoring Singer Mae Arnette, composer and pianist Ran Blake, and drummer Roy Haynes and announcing the campaign to create a Boston Jazz Heritage Trail™. This is a long-term project. We expect MAAH to be a key partner on the Trail and we a re looking for more.


In late 2015 we began a partnership with ArtsBoston to combine our Jazz and Blues calendars. For JazzBoston, this was another step toward integrating the jazz community into the broader arts community and a way to dramatically increase the potential exposure for jazz events to the vast entertainment audience served by ArtsBoston.
For ArtsBoston, our listings have added significantly to the Jazz/Blues events they can offer their broad audience. JazzBoston was also the organization’s first calendar partner, and our arrangement is expected to become a model for collaborations with ArtsBoston members in other disciplines. Both parties agree the partnership is a “win-win.”

Roxbury Cultural District

Roxbury has been considered the center of African American culture in our city since the mid-20th century. With the designation on May 18, 2017, of the Roxbury Cultural District (RCD) by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, it became one of only three Boston cultural districts. Our partnership began a few months later when JazzBoston hosted RCD in one of our booths at the Beantown Jazz Festival for their first public introduction. RCD joined us again at Beantown in 2018.
We see this partnership with Roxbury as a natural. Our relationship with the community where Boston jazz began got its start years earlier when then City Councilor Tito Jackson asked JazzBoston to help stimulate a jazz renaissance there and we enthusiastically accepted. In the year preceding the RCD’s designation, a JazzBoston director was one of the leaders of RCD’s Steering Committee and later served on the organization’s Finance Committee.
It’s probably safe to say that the RCD is the jazziest of the 43 cultural districts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (The food is great too!) JazzBoston continues to help spread the word.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

At Brigham & Women’s Hospital, we are teaming musicians and physicians in a project to develop rehabilitative therapies for lung disorders based on the breathing and blowing techniques of jazz wind instrumentalists and vocalists. We expect this work to evolve into a formal, publishable academic study.
We are also exploring ways to use jazz to make therapy sessions more interesting and motivating. In addition, we have collaborated with BWH and a community association on Mission Hill to put on a jazzy health and wellness fair aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of lung health. And from time to time BWH invites us to bring jazz to their internal celebrations.
Despite the disparity in our size, we see this partnership as a natural because BWH is known for innovation and there is nothing more innovative than jazz. Perhaps not entirely coincidentally, BWH’s Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, who initiated the project, is a jazz fan as are several more of the hospital’s most highly regarded physicians.