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I have a theory

There may be critics out there spinning stories of how jazz is disappearing from Boston and surrounding areas, or worse, jazz is dead, well JazzBoston is not one of them, and Jenny and Christian Bachmann, owners of Theory: Wine Bar & Listening Room in Andover, are also among the optimists. We introduced Theory in our September 18′ newsletter after owner, Christian Bachmann, reached out to JazzBoston looking for a little help to shine light on their grand opening, and to ask if we’d let our subscribers know they were actively booking. I am thrilled to announce that since our announcement went out, Theory has seen a strong uptick in bookings and their calendar is full for the next 6 months.
Last month I caught up with Christian and Jenny to find out a little more about their debut as new venue owners.
Tell me what inspired the two of you to open a wine and music venue?
We were sitting around one July evening in 2017, thinking that it would be a great night to go sit and have a glass of wine and take in some live music… The only problem was that there was no where to go locally. We were both at a point in our careers where we were looking to do something together, that united our passions. So, after a few months of brainstorming about what that might look like, we came up with the idea of a wine bar and listening room.
Have you owned/operated similar business in the past?
Not at all! Neither of us has had any direct experience in the bar/restaurant industry.
What inspired the name “Theory?”
“Theory” applies to both aspects of our establishment. Obviously, there is music theory — getting down to the basics, learning your rudiments and such. The same can be said for wine and wine making: our wine program focuses on small production wineries that practice sustainable (and many, organic or biodynamic) farming — getting back to the basics and reconnecting with the elements. “Theory” also encapsulates the spirit of exploration and artistry in both worlds — you have ideas, but you need to explore to prove them out.
What drew you to Andover as a destination for the business?
I grew up in town, and both my father and grandfather were lifelong townies. So to me this is home. There has never been a place for live music in town, and we thought that it was time we changed that!
How has Theory been received by Andover and the surrounding community?
The reception by the community has been tremendous! We’ve been so humbled by the incredible turnout to the live music performances, and the warm welcome by our fellow residents.
How would you describe the jazz/music scene in the Greater Boston area, and Theory’s place in it?
The number of live music venues has decreased in recent years, especially for jazz… Boston also seems to have lost its drive to be a renegade voice on the national music scene in general. We’re hoping to do our small part to rekindle that fire up on the North Shore.
If JazzBoston subscribers are interested in performing at Theory what’s the best way to get in touch with you?
They can email their EPK and/or bio, links to their website and audio/video clips to
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